No Waste Louisiana runs on its chapters.


No Waste NOLA

No Waste Nola is dedicated to making New Orleans a cleaner and more sustainable city through environmental advocacy. We are working to decrease waste in New Orleans by listening to and empowering residents and lobbying the city government. We strive to create a unified zero-waste plan for the city, which could include strategies to prevent waste like: eliminating the giveaway of free single-use plastic bags, implementing citywide composting, and improving the walkability of the city. We also aim to increase the use of sustainable alternatives by individuals and institutions within the city. 


No Waste Lafeyette

No Waste Lafayette is dedicated to moving Lafayette Parish towards zero waste.  We highlight existing efforts at waste reduction while seeking ways to improve and expand them.  We exist to educate the community about rethinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling to keep valuable resources out of the landfills and incinerators.  We collaborate with city government, local businesses and other community organizations.   Our goal is to help devise and implement a zero waste plan for the City of Lafayette.


Start a Chapter!

Do you want to start a No Waste chapter in your town? If you are passionate about zero-waste, then shoot us an email at, or message us on Facebook! We can provide you with the information and resources you need to launch a chapter in your community, including guiding your efforts to build a team, charter a chapter of the organization, and initiate local advocacy and zero-waste programs.